PES (Power & Energy) Chapter

The Power and Energy Society (PES) Chapter Austria connects professionals from Austria with the PES and IEEE worldwide network of electrical and power engineers. Since our energy system is evolving towards a more heterogenous, decentralized and more flexible grid, all related engineering and science disciplines are working together to bring "More Power to the Future".

Value Proposition

  • Learning new skills and technologies and gain information from others through conferences, committee participation, webinars, etc.
  • Drive and understand standards and key technical issues
  • Enabling members to build a network of professional colleagues for fast access, advice and problem-solving
  • Gain and enhance mentoring, management and other professional skills. 

Topics and Areas

Power system related topics like

  • Analytic Methods for Power Systems
  • Electric Machinery
  • Energy Development and Power Generation
  • Energy Storage and Stationary Battery
  • Insulated Conductors
  • Power System Instrumentation and Measurements
  • Power System Operations, Planning and Economics
  • Power System Planning and Implementation
  • Power System Relaying and Control
  • Substations Committee
  • Surge Protective Devices
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Smart buildings, loads and customers
  • Intelligent Grid & Emerging Technologies
  • Marine Systems
  • Wind and Solar Power 

Smart Grids

Especially in the emerging technologies and intelligent grid the PES community is very active. From dedicated conferences to journals and to IEEE Smart Grid initiative.


The following activities have been organized by the chapter during the last couple of years:

Your Participation

We appreciate your participation and volunteer work! From joining meetings, organizing events and technical tours to sponsoring - everything is welcome which helps our profession to fulfil its vision: "More Power to the Future". Get in contact with our officers if you have and question! You may also look at our LinkedIn page for further information. 

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    PES Chapter Chair
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    PES Secretary
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