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PES Chapter Chair
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Thomas Strasser received a master's and a PhD degree from the Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien) and he was awarded with the venia docendi (habilitation) in the field of automation from the same university. For several years, he has been a senior scientist in the Center for Energy of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. His main responsibilities involve the strategic development of smart grid automation and validation research projects as well as the mentoring/supervising of junior scientist and PhD candidates. Before joining AIT, Dr. Strasser spent more than 6 years as senior researcher investigating advanced and reconfigurable automation and control systems at PROFACTOR research. He is also active as a docent at TU Wien.

He is the co-author of more than 200 scientific publications (journal & conference papers, book editorials & chapters, conference proceedings, technical reports, etc.) as well as two patents in the above-mentioned areas. Thomas Strasser has presented results of his research work in various international and national conferences, workshops, events, and seminars. He is an active member in various program committees of scientific conferences and he serves as an associate editor of IEEE, Hindawi, MDPI and Springer Journals.

Dr. Strasser was and is involved since almost two decades in various national and international research projects in various roles (coordinator, WP leader, principal investigator, researcher). In addition, he is an evaluator of research proposals and projects for several national and European funding agencies. He is member of international IEC and IEEE standardization working groups and as a senior member of IEEE involved in different activities of IES (AdCom member-at-large 2018-2020, energy TC cluster delegate to AdCom 2020-2021), SMCS (BoG member-at-large 2018-2020, VP for Systems Science & Engineering 2021-2022), PES, Austria Section (secretary 2015-2017, vice chair 2020, chair 2021-2022) and SYSC (SMCS representative and AdCom member-at-large 2021-2022). He serves also as the Austrian representative in the CIGRE study committee C6 on active distribution grids.